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Jane Grey released on May 16. Here’s what readers and critics are saying so far. To read the full review, just click on the link.

“A delightful, soulful, and charming tale”
Butterfly’s Booknerdia Blog

“Endearing and romantic”
My Book Addiction and More

“A must-read, cannot-put-down, absolutely wonderful period romance”
Goodreads Reviewer

“A lovely story, full of passion, regrets, ambition, and true love”
Amazon Reviewer

“Jane Grey is a novel that will take you back in time and make you fall in love.”
Fringes of Reality

“If you enjoy reading historical novels set in Victorian times, which explore the relationships between men and women and the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ within society, coupled with a sweet yet passionate romance, then this book is definitely for you.”
A Reader’s Review


The only happiness in life is to love and be loved…

Set in the Loire Valley in 1850, Jane Grey tells the story of a frustrated painter and a beleaguered English governess who comes to France to tutor a flirtatious young heiress in the social graces. Jane meets Matthew Brontë, a wealthy count and gifted painter, the same way Jane Eyre met Edward Rochester in the book our Jane is reading at the time. Jane finds it uncannier still that Matthew is a cousin to the author of Jane Eyre.
As the weeks pass, Jane and Matthew discover they have much in common. They seem perfectly suited, apart from one significant snag: Matthew can’t marry without forfeiting his fortune, and Jane can only marry a man with the means to support her and her dependent relations back in England.
When faced with the choice between love and money, which will each of them choose?

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