The Final Chapter

KNIGHT OF SWORDS, the fourth and final installment in Nina Mason's KNIGHTS OF THE TAROT series will release on May 15. The series tells of four knights who were saved from death on the famed battlefields of Scotland only to be used as "breeding drones" to the Queen of Avalon. In book four, Finn MacKnight,... Continue Reading →

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Captain earns high praise from reviewers…

FROM FRESH FICTION: "The author's graceful prose is reminiscent of that of Miss Austen, and Ms. Mason's use of language and idioms is flawless, even in the dialogues. The story is rather simple, however complications abound even if Theo and Louisa conclude they suit rather early. THE CAPTAIN OF HER FATE is a quaint love... Continue Reading →

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“Well-written, saucy and ribald historical fiction”

Romantic Historical Reviews called Nina Mason's highly-erotic ROYAL PAINS series "well-written, saucy, and ribald historical fiction." The four-part series follows the Duke and Duchess of Dunwoody, a sexually adventurous couple, through the trials and tumults of courtly life and royal favor under King Charles II and King James II and VII. Royal Pains combines historical... Continue Reading →

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“A thoroughly enthralling and enjoyable read”

UK-based Romance Reviews Magazine recently posted a five-star review for The Governess Next Door, a Victorian love story in the tradition of the 19th-Century classics. Here's what their reviewer had to say about this page-turning romance: The Governess Next Door opens with a classic tale of a Byronic hero borne of natural charisma and through... Continue Reading →

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