Knight of Cups (Knights of the Tarot #2)

newcoverWhen Gwyndolen Darling, a sexual abuse survivor who lives in a fantasy world, travels to Scotland to meet her obsession, she soon finds herself in a dark fairytale of epic proportions. Sir Leith MacQuill, the object of her quest, isn’t just a reclusive author who’s into BDSM, he also is a shapeshifting faery knight who carries a curse that will kill any woman who captures his heart.

When his usual methods fail to protect Gwyn, a dead ringer for the wife he tragically lost back in 1746, Sir Leith must find a way to break the curse or lose his One True Love a second time.

Unfortunately, the article he needs to reverse the hex is in the otherworld land he was banished from by the faery queen who cursed him.

Gwyn must, therefore, undertake the dangerous quest alone. Will she find the courage within herself to fight for their love? Or will she choose to stay inside the imaginary tower she’s built to keep herself safe from the world?

Knight of Cups will be released May 24 in Kindle and paperback formats. The Kindle edition is currently available for pre-order at

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