The Governess Next Door


“A thoroughly enthralling and enjoyable story.” Romance Reviews Magazine.

“A story you will not be able to let go of.” Night Owl Reviews

A decade ago, Raphael Brontë, a cousin to the Brontës of literary fame, sold his heart to a wealthy French Countess, whose patronage allowed him to pursue his dream of becoming an important painter. Now that she is dead, he fears he lacks the capacity to love—which is just as well, since he must forfeit the fortune she bequeathed him if ever he chooses to marry.

Prudence Middleton, a proper English governess, abandoned her dreams of finding happiness in marriage when her father’s desertion forced her to work for a living—to support herself as well as her mother and sister back home. Now, she is on her way to France to prepare a willful young woman for her debut—a task that seems as hopeless as ever escaping her lonely and degrading existence. Unless, of course, she meets a man who has money, along with all the other noble qualities she desires in a husband.

When the handsome Count in a neighboring château takes an interest in her, Prudence begins to believe her Governess_Collageprayers have been answered—until she learns Raphe is not what he pretends to be…

When forced to choose between her heart’s desire and her duty to her dependent relations, which will Prudence put first? Or will she find a way to have it all?

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