Royal Pains Boxed Set

Set in Scotland and England in the Restoration period, ROYAL PAINS follows a young Scottish couple with ties to the Royal Family through the religious strife and runaway depravity of the last years of the Stuart Dynasty. As Catholics in a time when their faith was feared and despised, Robert and Maggie Armstrong, the Duke and Duchess of Dunwoody, are dependent upon Royal Favor to protect them from protestant persecution. Maintaining that support, however, sometimes requires them to test their limits as well as the bonds between them.

Maggie, a convent-raised innocent at the start of the saga, is intensely curious about all things erotic. Robert, her kinky new husband, soon becomes her teacher in all things academic and amatory. All is well in their marriage until King Charles II summons the duke to Whitehall Palace to answer for his disobedience. His Majesty had another in mind for Robert’s bride—a woman the king desired for a mistress. The duke, aware of the risks, yet unwilling to be a wittol like so many other husbands of the royal court , married the girl he loved instead.

Now, the Merry Monarch has threatened to withdraw his protection unless Robert loans the king his bride for a night. Much as it breaks his heart to agree, he sees no other choice…until a long-hidden secret about Maggie’s paternity saves the day.

Royal Pains weaves together accurate accounts of 17th-century life with scorching-hot sexual situations to create “an amazing read from start to finish!”


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